BY Steven Dietz

...Achingly beautiful and wryly written. Livingston captures the depth of Cait’s emotions ….Chandra Bond imbues Caithleen with a charm that is tinged with a tender vulnerability. Trent Trachtenberg is delightful as the wide-eyed Robbie. John (Reinhart) balances melancholy with humor as Robert"  Emily Doti, VC  Reporter

"Transport...has continually, albeit sporadically ...mounted superior theatrical experiences. Bloomsday is no exception....The four-member cast is superb." (Shirley Lorraine, Ventura Breeze)

...outstanding four-person cast, a memorable theatrical experience….beautifully acted...sensitively directed by Tom Mueller” Cary Ginnel, VC Onstage

winningly performed...” “...each of the actors projects well-formed characterizations, with the poignonancy of Livingston’s Cait standing out...” Rita Moran, Ojai Valley News

Pinter Play: The Lover and The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter

Directed by Taylor Kasch and Linda Livingston

“Director Kasch expertly manipulates…Newcomer and Livingston effortlessly deliver…Feltner is one of the few actors who can play repressed rage that is at once comic yet deeply frightening…Stein’s opening bit (is) a brilliant piece of mime…Pinter Play is an entertaining, stylish and impressive production, presented by a bunch of professionals who sure-as-hell know what they’re doing.” Peter Bellwood, Ojai Valley News

'It's a sheer pleasure watching Linda Livingston onstage...Taylor Kasch (offers)  deft direction...and Livingston and Newcomer give exquisite nuance and the dialogue..." Jenny Lower, VC REporter

"An impressive calling card (for Transport Theatre)...Livingston delivers  (in The Lover) the nuanced Sarah....Ron Felter...and Eric Stein.(The Dumb Waiter) have impressive's unlikely you've seen (The Dumb Waiter) with a better pair of actors..." Rita Moran, VC Star

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Molly Sweeney

There are those plays, that manage, with their graceful, quiet ways, shy humor and peculiar beauty (that) make you fall in love. You emerge two hours later, entranced and a bit dazed, certain only that you have been transformed. Molly Sweeney falls into this…category. Molly Sweeney shows us what good theatre can and must do.  Livingston…is luminous here. John Reinhart is phenomenal…Ronald Rezac excels.”  VC Reporter

“All three actors are impeccable in their timing, their inflections and their characters. This is theatre of the highest quality, proving once again that it is the actors, not the acoutrements that count.”  Ventura Breeze

 “Livingston’s Molly is all that she should be. John Reinhart is funny…and particularly good at the rambling tale. Playgoers who enjoy porridge rather than pap, should seize the moment.”  VC Star



"…a bruising plunge from the lofty into the this solid production we feel every step of that terrifying passage. Recommended." LA TIMES

"Livingston's presentation is powerful and believable."  Noho  

 "A beautifully eloquent script…Linda Livingston plays with gut wrenching passion. Compelling theatre." The Tolucan

 Livingston's performance just astonishes. WIT is our Critic's Pick". Gerri Garner –American Radio

”Livingston is a powerful actor.”  Studio City Sun

“…a tremendous leading performance…Livington’s rock solid work… tempers the script’s pathos with a wry sense of humor.” Glendale News Press


Judy's Scary Little Christmas


"Lots of outright laughs and comfortable chuckles...impressive performances...(a) promising troupe." Ventura County Star


"So good it's scary...wickedly funny and surprisingly poignant..a surprise from the get-go...unique, hilarious, and shockingly good....funny, moving and and thought provoking." VC Reporter











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